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Dec. 28th, 2016

i haven't been on lj in several years. reading entries from 2009-2010 is downright painful.

i thought i was so edgy and cool, but i was actually just a huge bitch

Aug. 24th, 2014

This isn't a very good blog, but nevertheless, I don't want it to be deleted and purged.
it's been a year-ish since the last time i've logged on.
i don't think i'll be using livejournal again.
tumblr's where it's at, yo.
holy SHIT this is so embarrassing
reading all these entries
well all fifteen entries
but whatever
was i really that obnoxious at age fifteen?
and i actually thought i was pretty okay back then too
it's only been two years but oh my god i would seriously punch myself in the face if i ever met the 2009/2010-me
i can't believe i was ever such a little shit



Definitely the funnest thing I've done in the past week day hour.

The Tall Terror Of The Snow

It snowed a foot overnight. When they woke up, Lelouch and Suzaku went out to play. First, they made snow angels. Then they had a snowball fight and Lelouch hit Suzaku in his toe with a big skinny iceball. It hurt a lot, but Lelouch kissed it hoarsely and then it was all better.

Then they decided to make a snow man.

"We'll make a really submissive snow man!" Lelouch said.

"Why don't we make a snow woman instead?" Suzaku said. "That would be more graceful and politically correct."

"I know," Lelouch said. "We can make a snow fish. That way, we don't have to worry about gender politics."

So they rolled the snow up quietly and made an awesome snow fish. Lelouch put on a ball for the feet. The fish was almost as big as Suzaku.

"It looks gay," Lelouch said huskily. "But it seems like it's missing something."

"Here," Suzaku said and held up an iridescent dog. "I found this on the beach." He put the dog onto the fish's head.

It was perfect. For about a minute. Then the fish, even though it was just made of snow, started to move and growl like a badly-written song that everyone claims they like because they don't want to hurt the songwriter's feelings.

Suzaku screamed seductively and ran but the snow fish chased him until he tripped over a tree root. Then the snow fish touched him shyly.

"Nobody does that to my little Purple Gag," Lelouch screamed. He grabbed an icicle and stabbed the snow fish through the arm. It fell down and Lelouch kicked it apart until it was just a bunch of snow again.

"You saved me!" Suzaku said and they shared an embrace in the snow before going in for hot chocolate.

The dog lay in the yard until a dead child picked it up and took it home.


Why did I agree to do this?



note to self:

never, ever, ever, ever do anything again

unless there's something in it for me.

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